Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Koran

The Koran is an amazing scripture. Till now, humans can’t change and challenge the texts even there were many trials to do that. The texts are recited, taught, learnt and the number of people who do research about it is not little.

Syaikh Yusri always reminding his students to try memorizing the Koran as it’s the fundamental source to understand our own religion. How can we say that we’re muslim when we actually didn’t understand Allah’s commands?

Nowadays, some people just reading it without understanding. If they understand, only few of them apply it in the world. Most of us just make the Koran as a habit and routine. Not more than that.

Imam al-Ghazzali wrote in his essential book, The Jewels Of The Koran (Jawahir al-Quran) that muslims are too busy with the tajwid, makhraj and memorisation until they forget the main messages of Allah in it. This people just get the shell (Qisyr) of the Koran and didn’t get the food contained in it.

Other interesting books about Koran which affect my understanding towards Koran is How To Interact With Koran? (Kaifa Nata’amul Ma’a al-Quran?) by Syaikh Muhammad Ghazali and The Explanation about Huffaz’s etiquettes (Tibyaan Fi Adab Hamalah al-Quran) by Imam an-Nawawi. The first one criticised the muslim phenomena towards Koran while the second one motivated the readers to learn more about the Koran through the examples of sahabah.

For muslims like us, Koran is the first main book to be digested followed by the Hadith and other Islamic scriptures through the light of Islamic scholars. Then, we can move to the other genre even it’s come from non-muslims as we live in a challenging era and we need to understand the situation (waqi’) in which we live in. This is said by Dr. al-Qaradhawi in The Knowledges For Daie (Thaqafah ad-Da’iyyah) and Reading Is The Way Of Life (al-Qiro’ah Minhaj al-Hayah) by Dr Raghib as-Sirjani. The famous self-help book written by Mortime J Adler and Charles Von Deron entitled How To Read A Book is a good one to begin with in reading different types of books. It outlines the levels of reading from beginner until the syntopical reading in which we read a particular book as we’re in the writer’s shoe. Plus, it gives tips in how to sharpen our reading skills and how to start reading different genre of books which is new for us.

Lastly, let’s cultivate the reading habits and culture as the world need a good-thinking leader who can improve our ummah’s condition. Let’s spread this goodness to the world!


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