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Muslim Doctors That I Admire

This post will focus on more about the doctors that I know by reading their books and hearing their lectures. Frankly, I used to find some articles or books discussing about the biographies of Islamic doctors all around the world, but till now I didn’t find it. So, this is my own initiative and sharing for all of us to know more about the profile of the doctors, their life and also about their thoughts through their writing.

     1. Firstly, Dr Mahathir Mohamed, a well-known politician. I knew him during my secondary school when my father criticised the current Prime Minister at that time and compared him to Dr Mahathir Mohamed. Then, when I start reading his magnificient book, A Doctor In The House, there are some good values that we must learnt from him.

In his secondary school, his interest are more to the laws and politics  field but unfortunately, he managed to get scholarship on medicine and then he proceeded with the field. During his adolescent, he has started to read many english books especially about the global issues such as book written by Samuel Huntington, Clash Of Civilisation. Undeniably, he is not from a religious family background but his mother keep teaching him about religion and how to read Quran. I’m attracted when he found that during studying science – to be exact, medicine – all that we can learn is about how the process and phenomenon happens but sciences failed to answer certain causes of why the phenomenon happens and this can be answered only by religion.

I perceive him as  a man with a clear vision and high perseverance. Half of the book is about his experience when he joins politics and how he get the chance to meet many great Prime Minister from other country. Thinking out of the box is one advantage that he has when he introduce the ‘Dasar Pandang Ke Timur’ or literally translated Look East Policy. He learnt many things form his journey to Japan when he wanted to release his stress in studying with his wife, Dr Hasmah.

Many of us, especially from the pro-opposition parties see him as a secular politician and denying all his contributions to the development of country (even most Egyptian respects him) without realise that from what background is he from. We must judge any individual empathically as what Prof Tariq Ramadan said in The Quest For Meaning in order to deal with the pluralities intellectually.

      2. The next figure is Syeikh Dr Yusri Rusydi Jabr. Maybe many of us didn’t ever heard about him but actually he is a well-known Islamic scholar in Egypt. He is specialist in vascular and after graduated from Cairo University, he learnt Usuluddin in Al-Azhar University. Now, he teaches and comments on many kitabs in his mosque and also hadith in Al-Azhar mosque. I didn’t sure about what books that he had wrote but he has wrote a small book about selawat which includes 99 names of Allah and usually he read about three of the selawat before starting the class. He is good in memorising and most of his teachings will touch until the hearts of his students.

     3. Dr Muhaya is one of the famous doctors and motivators in Malaysia. I read her book about How To Become  A Successful And Good Doctor before I fly to Egypt and found that she had wrote a simple but a valueable book. Although, she had received some criticisms implicitly when she are asked about Islamic Jurisprudent and hukm, but she has a high inquiry to learn Islam and develop her understanding during her leisure time. I perceive her as a managed person who is not easily wasting time for unbeneficial activity.

     4. During my secondary school, I love to read the sciences behind the Islamic ritual especially from Dr Danial Zainal Abidin, one of Alexandria University’s graduates. At that time, Malaysians are starting to reconcile the relationgship between science and religion though Westerns had wrote bundles of books and paperworks about that topic. Dr Danial also wrote some motivational book and give lectures in certain television channels. He also received criticism when some scholars claimed that he tried to adhere the quran and hadith in every scientific discovery.

     5. Roughly, these are some of the Islamic doctors that inspired me. Nevertheless, there are enormous doctors out there that maybe better than this. Dr Raghib Sirjani, a urologist with his deep research in history, Dr Farhan Hadi and Hlovate with their famous novels and so on. For me, in this century a doctor must not just become a doctor. He must has an expertise in at least one other field of studies because there are a lot of doctors nowadays. So, what is the value of us if we just hold the title of doctor?

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