Sunday, 28 August 2011

The fasting mask

Very-very jerky (remembering myself and readers). How can muslims say that they are fasting but at the same time they make sin? Fuh, maybe most of the muslims only translate the fasting meaning into its language perspective. As long as they did not eat and drink, they're fasting.

Hurm, as we all know that the Syaitan's colony had been tied in this special month. But, think again. How can the social problems, keep going increase gradually? Ah ha, don't forget about our most dangerous enemy; our lust.

This tarawih, in my area, the number of muslims who pray tarawih are decreasing. Fuh, that's why praying 20 rakaats has its pros and contras. Depends on the muslims.

It is not an easy task to keep constant and istiqomah with ibadah. Maybe, from the positive sides they go back to their village. That's why the number of soff becomes less compare to the early Ramadhan.

But, from the negative side maybe they're busy with the Eid preparation and are tired with the prayer. That's reality in certain area!

Hurm, maybe we must remember in what Allah say: He loves a little good works (amalan) but the works are constant.

Fastaqim kama umirta.

With regards.

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