Friday, 2 September 2011

Where's ur Dalil?

Talk with dalil.

The biggest mistake and loss of students nowadays especially in religion science's stream is losing the islamic's studies after proceeding with other professional courses.I mean,they miss the Islamic knowledge or in the other word,what is the real meaning of Islam.

Maybe all people in this century knew about our chronic education system.Yes,the secular's disease is still and nurturing in our school.Urm,actually most students didn't notice it.

In reality,many students nowadays choose to accept than digest what are being taught in school.That's why every year an enormous amount of exam oriented students are produced in Malaysia.We can see how many student will practise and 'menghayati' all knowledge that they learn for 18 years after finishing the SPM.

No need to look far.Look at the mat rempit,drugs,sex,buang bayi and the other social problems.This ulcerous problems look like directly proportional with the increasing of the overall SPM's GPK in Malaysia or the number of student who got A.

Urm,let's think for a while...how many teacher insert and relate what we learn especially science subject with Quran?

Ahha!maybe some will tell very very little and maybe will say never.Ha,that's not fantasy.That's reality!

We are being doctrined and educated by this worst education system for nearly over 18 years.

Fuh,very very humiliating.

Thus,I suggest you all to start searching for an Islamic platform to learn more about Islam and relate it with the science knowledge you all know.

For religion science's steam,I suggest you all to memorise the main hall of knowledge in the world,Quran in Darul Quran or another place.For a long time,I've dream that all people in Malaysia will memorise the Quran since child through the education system.

I wonder when the time is it.

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