Sunday, 4 September 2011

life is a strive


Alhamdulillah...praise to Allah finally I succeed to make a short video using Windows Movie Maker browser.It's not as difficult as I think but it's fun and interesting!

Hurm,maybe I just make a simple and short video.So I didn't experience the hardship and barrier to make an astonish video.Maybe,after this I can go further(if I was given an adequate time from Allah although we all know that our work is more than the time given) and maybe I can use the Windows After Effect.Who know?

Ok.Let's look for my masterpiece.Maybe u'll can comment and give opinion about my first video clip.

Ha,another thing.Don't worry about this video.This is not upload from the Youtube which need u'll to wait for the 'loading process' and it's very troubling when our internet run slow instead of we have a patient characteristic.

Have fun.=)


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