Thursday, 1 September 2011

The foul media


Argh,the media keep continuing to serve the Malaysians with the disgusting,foul and revolting story.This cancerous tv especially is becoming braver to damage and destroy the muslims' heart.

Urgh,how can they(the actor or panel or anybody)in tv celebrate the Eid Mubarak but at the same time,they keep making the sin.How can they obey Allah's commandments(apologizing and  visiting) and they betray them synchronisely(showing aurat n entertain extremely).

How could they mix a good and bad thing together?Fuh...very sad~

Allah just said,don't mix the Al Haq with Al Batil,but they didn't ever care about it.

Now,at this moment we can see with our own eyes that our country was being attacked by a very serious and dangerous 'keruntuhan akhlak'.Let's look at the tv.A bundle of 'maksiat' show are more been published compare to the Islamic show (I mean follow the truth Islamic way) even during Hari Raya.

Miscellaneous movie and drama now are portraying that they are very very lack and dry of the Islamic education or in the other word,tarbiyah Islamiyah.Aurat is exposed almost in every second in each tv.We can also see how children are being taught by hedonisme,dancing,singing and other duniawi education through Bintang Kecil as example.

Akademi Fantasia.Malaysian Idol.Sehati Berdansa.Muzik-muzik.(I don't know more about that as recently I didn't take care about that).

What the hack!?

Are these the education that are being taught to produce 'modal insan'?

The question is what is our leader and the other high rank minister are doing?Are they also join in demolishing their iman?

Where is the filtration of media massa?Why the sensored and dangerous oversea's movie are still being imported to this 'Islamic country'?Hey,please.The children are learning and following what the tv publish.

Oh no!Look like they're not bore and take note about this chronic disease.

Are they know that the broken in media will lead to a bad culture of hating book and majlis ilmu.Consequently,social problems which they want to overcome are keep increasing gradually.Not strange for us to know and accept that Malaysia sat on the rank 10 for 'the most civilian who love to entertain award' according to Nelson's 2010 research.

Very sad~

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