Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Nice quotes


Urm,I got many feedbacks which support and said that dakwah using pictures is seriously an effective and attractive way.Simple.Many people and mad'u can accept it.

So,here are some nice quotes I found in a website.The interesting thing is the quotes are presented using a picture and the picture is closely related to the message of the quotes.So,the point here is by looking through these pictures don't just reading and let them go into right ear and go out again.A bit loss there.

The most dominant thing is our understanding and how far we practise it in our daily life.It's a big mistake done by most people nowadays when they know something but they didn't do and practise what knowledge they have.Isn't it true?

But Allah frequently said in Koran that indeed in every creature either in sky or in earth,each of them has a sign for the GOOD THINKERS.Thus,let's be a good thinker.

Now,set your mind to be a good thinker.InsyaAllah you will be success and bless by Allah.Barakallahu fik~

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