Thursday, 8 September 2011

Al Banna lucid's vision

So,here is my first masterpiece for us about our ulama' and Islamic striver.Seriously,this figure is an influential figure in this world.Let you'll tell me who didn't know this figure?Of course most people know about him and at least they once had heard about his name.For those who didn't know this figure is a very loser and they had make a big mistake in their life.I don't care for those who didn't agree with my statement.

As we all already know,Al-Mathurat that we frequently read every day after Asar and Subuh (for those who read) is written by him.It is a sunnah.Every sunnah is seriously bring to a success at the end.That's from the side of ibadah and actually it's a very small scope I think.

And the biggest contribution that we can see from his strive is the establishment of a very influential and concrete team.Ikhwanul Muslimin.Until today we can see and know about the great and its outshoned achievement.This is because the team is striving hardly and all of the the team's members put all their heart and life for the team's goal of strive.That's for standing and firming Islam in this world.That's the highest honour of strive in life actually.

Last but not least,let's keep our searching and studying about this team and other teams which are striving for Islam holistically.In a blink of our eyes,we already know and notice that there're an enormous amount of team in this world(for those who know and browsing for it).So,maybe some of us still confuse to choose the best team.And maybe some of us think that all team is good.It's ok but thruthly for standing the Islam in this world such during the 'Khilafah Islamiyah' we must and must choose only one team which strive holistically for Islam to prevent the multiplication of team which ultimately will lead to a different Islamic's  main goals and different way of thinking.

Allah knows better than my slim mind.What about your opinion?

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