Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dakwah using pics?

Welcome back.=)

My friend once told me that don't always keep using texts and words in dakwah.He remember me to use picture and humour.

Urm,yes I accept the way of dakwah.As we all can see how humour can be a type of very attractive dakwah like Ustaz Azhar Idrus.He's very expert in giving tazkirah and Islamic issues discussion.At the same time he successfully insert some humours in his preach.That's why form day to day,many people like to hear his interesting speech.Great daie'!Serious.

So,I would like to share some nice pictures about Islam that I met in one web.Here we are.=)

Islam is built with 5 pillars.Are we really2 do and understand all of them?

For how far we understand and strive the phrase "Allah is the only truly God" (syahadatain)

let's live for Islam!we must always increase our understanding about Islam as it's very significant for a long term vision.

Remember friends,we are muslim 24 hours not part-time muslim

Another one,let's us make Islam as our way of life.Insya Allah we will safe in world and akhirat.

Get Islam?Make sure we understand Islam deeply so that we can widen and strengthen our dakwah.

One day,Islam will win.Are we conclude in those who contribute for the victory?That's the question.

We're honour because of Islam.If we find the honour other than Islam,we will be insulted by Allah.

Let's pray for our consistent and 'thabat' in Islamic strive.May Allah bless us.=)

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