Sunday, 4 September 2011

READ,to know the truth and false


Hurm,yesterday I manage to finish reading an interesting book written by an outstanding and a prolific writer.He was Ustaz Riduan Mohamad Nor.

'Potret perjuangan mahasiswa dalam cerminan dekad'.

That's the title of the book.Maybe many of us didn't ever seen this book but actually this book was invented since 2007.I also experienced it.

Ahha!Actually,this Jundi Resources publication has created an enormous amount of books but unfortunately these type of 'haraki' books are blocked and silenced by our government.

Hurm,this book had portrayed and revealed to me about the real government's strip through history of Malaysia.With the vivid and precise facts,Ustaz Riduan also revealed about how the youth's spirit are being blocked by the government through 'Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti' (AUKU) which are not reveal by many other books in our market nowadays.

Try to find,buy and read it.Seriously interesting.

For those who didn't know deeply and still confuse about Malaysia's history,I suggest u'll to explore this book.

I wonder how the great leaders nowadays could reach at their top post.Actually they had experienced a lot of barriers and tribulations in their life.And also it teaches them about the meaning of life.Anwar Ibrahim with his hot issue now is the president of ABIM and the deputy of Prime Minister a long time ago.Ibrahim Ali,the Perkasa leader is the headprefect in UITM,Mohamad Sabu and many other outstanding leader now.

In conclusion the more barriers and tribulations we experience,the more meanings of life we have.


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