Monday, 5 September 2011

Experiences teach us a lot


My second video had successfully created today.Quite challenging.The higher quality of video or movie we want to make,the higher tribulation and sacrifice we have to face.Serious.

It same goes to our journey in life.The more we want to strive for something,the more sacrifice we must have.Otherwise,we can't understand the truth meaning of life.

Of course we still confuse and didn't realize about our main goal and our strive for a long time we were given chance from Allah to live.Actually,we must know that "AlIslam yu'la wa la yu'la 'alaih".

Our great prophet said that Islam is the highest matter in the world and there's no other thing that's higher than Islam.

So,here's a video clip about my long experiences in life which I compile it into an anecdote.Comments and viewpoints are honourably allowed for a better improvement.

Enjoy it~


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