Sunday, 28 August 2011

Beware in Syawal


The Ramadhan High School is getting nearer to close its curtains.Let's us ask ourself,have we achieve the Key Performance Index for the fasting?

Takwa.Fear to Allah.Fear to miss Allah's orders and fear to make His prohibition.

Is our faith are strong and rigid enough to survive in 11 month soon?Very-very sad Allah said when an individual undergoed Ramadhan but he/she failed to get the rahmat and maghfirah from Allah.Nauzubillah min zalik.

Allaahu Akbar,Allaahu Akbar,Allaahu Akbar..........
Laa ilaaha illa Allahu wallahu Akbar,
Allaahu Akbar wa lillah Alhamd.

Of course we can hear the takbir starting from this moment in tv or radio or from any source.But,it's astonish.How many takbir is visualised and audiolised (my vocabulary) in tv compared to the Raya songs which most of them enhance the listener to celebrate Eid extremely and entertain frequently until forgot about the sunnah.

Hurm,actually we all know about the celebration according to the what Islam teaches.Maybe,we forgot it every year as the tradition of the Eid celebration has become a culture in our Muslim society.

Yes,absolutely we must change that.Change from a tradition to a religious worship to Allah.In the other word,change from 'adat' to 'ibadat'.

Every year,we can hear the noisy explotion coming from the fire-crackers.Many muslims play the items as it can trigger a big satisfaction and happiness for them.Muslimahs also play that sort of game!I did'nt deny that I also play the dangerous items every year.

Ahha!Have we ever know that those kind of things are very-very harmful and dangerous.Look at this.(actually I want to show a more extreme case about fire-cracker).

Hurm,seriously 'mercun' is very dangerous.

Why we keep hunting for the temporary happiness without bored about the permanent complication.Again,we keep do  the silly mistake.

Allah had said in Koran that don't throw yourself into devastation and destruction.But,how many people care about Allah's obligation?Are we really-really read the Koran and 'tadabbur' them?

Devastation.Misspendtion(my dictionary).Chaos.Oblivious.

How far we care about it?Ask yourself...

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