Monday, 29 August 2011

Merdeka or Raya ?

Interesting topic.At this moment we can see that the celebration of Independent Day is submerges in the Eid Mubarak's sea.

Maybe,some people think that both of them must be equally celebrated as both of them play an important role for them.Nevertheless,we must know that the Islamic's spirit is far more significant compared to the National's spirit.

Ah,look's like many people has miss to examine about it.It's ok.All people keep doing mistake.

Eid celebration nowadays has obviously been harmed by the tradition and the urbanisation environment.Watch tv frequently,wasting of food,the broken of 'ikhtilat'(I mean,people can shake hand to all people including auntie/uncle which not have a blood relation with his/her family) and many more.

Change it.

From the independence side of view,in my opinion we must free our mind especially from the West's doctrine and propaganda.The West's culture which had been practised until today must be changed.

For how long we must just obeying the system(although it's false and disobey Islam) and not try to think the pros and cons according to the Islamic source.

Last but not least,let's practise Islam with the real and high understanding in it.

SALAM LEBARAN ::: kullu 'amin wa antum bikhoir ::: TAQOBBALALLAHU MINNA WA MINKUM


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