Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The secret of sincerity

Being sincere in every work that we do is quite hard. Not all people can renew their own intention of doing a particular work. If we realise, when we sincere in most of works that we do we could find something valueable hidden behind the work.

It was the ‘hikmah’ that are given by Allah to muslims who are sincere in whatever jobs that they do.

Furthermore, sincere makes us feel patient and accept whatever fate that we have. It also avoids us from being despair when we fail to do the work successfully. That’s why numerous people especially in Japan kill themselves because of one factor.

Not sincere and accept the ‘qadho’ and qodar’ wrote in Luh Mahfuz.

As a good muslim, we must always refresh our intention, clarify it every time because our hearts are always unstable and always being interrupted by the Syaitan. Syaitan has promised to disturb human being until the Judgement Day.

So, be careful in every job that we do. Make sure that it is only for our Creator. Trust that being sincere in whatever jobs we do, promised a luxurious benefits one day.


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