Monday, 23 January 2012

Put the first thing, first

Recently, I have met a writing contest which offer a big rewards.But remember, we are not hunting for the human's reward.Instead, Allah's reward is the best!

Writing actually foster us in putting the priority in its place.Put what is important and forget most of the useless and unimportant words.This is very vital in producing a high quality of writing.Meanwhile, make sure that the messages can be comprehend by our readers.

I'm interested in some blogs which succeed to put the priority on its place.Some of the blogs are saifulislam.com, drmaza.com, baikiminda.blogspot.com, zaharuddin.net, productivemuslim.com, and many more.You can click them at the right side and at the bottom of this blog.

Putting the first thing, first is important as it will smoothen our jobs and decreasing the complications that we will face.For instance, when we prefer to play football in the evening rather than finishing our homeworks or tasks at that time and meanwhile actually it is the only free time that we have, maybe we will be punished on the next day or we will lost our job.

Plus, in writing don't exaggerate and insert the unimportant words and sentences unless you want your readers to run away from your writing.And actually we must know that the readers want 'new' knowledge while reading your writing and they hope that they can learn and 'get something' from your masterpieces.

So, be concise and brief in your essays.=)


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