Monday, 23 January 2012

English is important for all in this challenging era

Many people didn't ever recognise that studying and improving their language is very significant.Sometimes, I also forget about it.Mastering in various languages is pivotal because it helps us communicate with different type of nations.I think all agree about it.But, the most importantly for muslim, we must learn and always improving and sharpening our language in order to spread dakwah to all people in this world.

The condition now need us to be an expert for English Language especially because English Language nowadays can be called as a 'lingua franca' in this world.That was because most of the people around the world, know English instead of other language.

I tried to google some of the tips to improve english and many bloggers and writers share about it.Some of the interesting and beneficial tips are listening to the song by looking at the lyrics, watch english video, take note one new word and quote everyday, read aphorisms, read articles that we love, write article that we are interested in and expert in it and also read any source of english writing including text wrote in the bottle drink that we drink!

Actually it is a wonderful moment when we learn english and we comprehend what stranger are going to say when they come to us and the happiness raise when we manage to answer them back in appropriate answers which make them understand what had we say to them.If you didn't trust me, try to practise it when you have an outing or travelling.


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