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Lessons from the vampirates

I had just finished reading a book entitles Vampirates,the Black Heart series.Quite interesting.I wonder why for a long time since I live in this world,I didn't read thick english books and novels.And that had realised me that I'm the one who is very, very loss in this world just because I didn't read many english stories for 18 years I breath in this world!

Of course you all can take lessons from my mistake.Hence,it's not strange to tell you all that I frequently open up the dictionary as a result of misunderstanding about the peculiar near words in the novel.Very, very loss I think for those who didn't and lack interest in English.Actually,it's intriguing and reading novels seriously can widening our vocabulary.Think about how we would answer to the non-muslims and how we would we execute the 'dakwah' if we ourself not fluent in speaking English.


So,this story is about an adventure of two pirates who are sibling named Grace and Connor with their antagonists,Vampirates acted by Lady Lola and her two liutenants.Roughly,the two pirates intend to know about their true father after puzzling with numerous mysteries and histories from their mother,Sally.

Shortly,they undergo two different life as they disagree with both of their opinion.From the other viewpoint,the re exist another ship which is leaded by Lady Lola.This is the vampirates' ship.Vampire means vampire and pirate at the same time.Actually,vampirates survive by sucking the blood from donors and they actually are immortal.(Based on what writer is going to say).

Ultimately,Lady Lola died after being killed by Connor and the sibling's riddle revealed when they know that their real father is Sidirio,who is also a vampire and has conflicts with Sally until make Sally separate from him and marry with Temper Dexter.It's why the sibling is n ot called vampire as their mother is mortal and their true father is immortal and they are called dhampair,which means half vampire and half human.


Actually,what I want to bring you all through is the lessons I got from this novel.So,I would pick five major lessons that I get from this novel.


This value is portray by Grace and Connor as they determinely search the info from his mother and other relatives(Lorcan etc) to know who is their real father as they actually trust at first that their father is Temper Dexter but it's not him.Though, they still assume Dexter as their father as they live longer with him than their real father.


Cheng Li who is the captain of the war to destroy the vampirates had systematically plan strategies.She and her crews explore many places and sources only to destroy the vampirates.She once go to a secret room with her crews and do research about how to kill and destroy the vampirates.(Actually,the vampirates had killed many people including their relatives).They then meet Mozh Zu,who was expert in making sword and they make an agreement to smoothen their mission.


Sidirio is seriously a selfish man when he plan to make his wife,Sally pregnant so that he will have children which are from his blood,vampirate.He do spell with his wife when he ask a healer to make his wife pregnant.The desire to do that emerge when his wife want to divorce from him and his vampire's life and he,in the bottom of his heart disagree and unaccept with the decision.So,he do so to get his own benefit.


Grace and Connor at last know that who is their real father and at first,Grace can't accept the fact as it's very hard to accept what Sidirio had done to her mother.But,through Larco's soft skills in conveying messages,she eventually accept the fact.The secrets also revealed to Connor but it's later on as Connor has lack understanding with the situation and ultimately it's acceptable for Connor as he manage to read a letter and hear story from his mother which gives very vital sign and comprehension to him.


This value is portrayed by Dalco and Sally where they didn't tell the pair about their real father to protect another important thing.Sally only says about their father gradually and didn't tell them fully in one time.Dalco also didn't tell them directly who are their father and when the time comes and their understanding has mature enough, it was the suitable and optimum time to unfold the secrets.


Hence,it's very pivotal to take moral values in a novel as much as we can besides joining the intriguing way of story and the astonish rhythmical of language.

And the most important thing is we must judge and refresh again in any books that we read based on the syariah.Take the positive one in the story and use it for Islam.

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