Friday, 14 December 2012

Begin with the end in mind

It has been for a long time I didn't write in English and the most thing that worrying my heart is about my improvement in English language will be affected. Actually, at this moment my university just finished our family day named Inter-batch Cairo University (ICU) and we are getting nearer to the mid year examination which will be held in this January. Nevertheless, as a student especially a muslim, I can't say that my time is packed to focus on studying etc2.


A simple word with a big meanings. Ironically, it's just only one of the 7 natures (alam) that Allah had created for us other than alam ruh, rahim, kubur, qiamat and others. Time always moving. Unconsciously, our age increase from years to years as it's happening in a very short time. The more our ages increase, the more our responsibilities raise. Maybe many of us remember the moment when we are in a childhood. Very jovial to play and doesn't need to do anything and no need to think critically and manage life systematically. All it depends on our parent.

But now, as we're getting more mature and our knowledge increase, maybe we will think why our responsibilities increases. Why this flow of life happens and so on and so on. And then, when the death news about our family or friends come to our ears, that's the moment our brain will reach the final point to think in which way that this life ends. That's why some scholars prefer to start their talks with the tagline 'begin with the end in mind'.

So, our action at this moment is not try to escape from this scenario. Instead, we must face it systematically. Arrange the jobs based on its priorities. Problems come to our life is not for us to run from it, but to try to handle the problem in the best way regardless of our excusation in time, lazy habits and so on and so on. It's when you think where you will go after you die will bring you towards your objectives of your life. Serious.

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