Saturday, 27 August 2011

O Ramadhan !

27 Ramadhan 1432H.

Of course most civilians in Malaysia are very busy with the preparation for Eid.Fine.I have undergoed the same thing in my past.Maybe,this is the time to change.

When we have understand and know something new,we must practise it,right?

Strange.Many people enthuathic with the Eid even their understanding and appreciating to Ramadhan is very very grim and groomy.Hurm,maybe we forgot about Islamic history.Maybe we did'nt ever heard about how sahabats celebrate the Ramadhan's 'megasale' and how sad them when Ramadhan is getting finish.

So,let's use this very precious remnants of Ramadhan with tahajjud,tadarus,tarawih and other specific ritual for Ramadhan nicely.

Maybe this is our last Ramadhan.Who knows?

So,deduct the overpreparation(my own dictionary) for Eid but raise and push our effort to infinity for this Ramadhan.Till then.Wallahu a'lam.

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