Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Certain people said that the most valueable thing in this worldy life is the time. For me, the 'barakah' of time is more important than that as we can see from our islamic scholars. Barakah literally means increase of goodness or become better. Some people used to say that the one who can do an enormous amount of good things in a short period of time, having the barakah itself.

A welfare institute in the western country successfully made a good video duration 10 minutes in which they discuss on a particular issue or noble values like capitalism, time, dishonesty etc2 from the great philosophers, psychologists, thinkers and economists there.

They realise that what the people do depend on what are their worldviews about their time. This is what certain scholars in Malaysia are striving for - which is to correct the citizens' worldviews - instead of just blaming on the government and the system.

Prof Al-Qardhawi portrays the time like a history for every mankind in 'Al-Waqtu Fi Hayatil Muslim'. He quoted many Islamic sholars' words that some of the disasters of the mankind nowadays are when they have a leisure time!

Meanwhile, Syeikh Hamza Yusuf is very strict in enhancing people for managing their time. Watching television excessively is the main catastrophe in our daily life. Paul Sloane in How To Be A Brilliant Thinker said that watching television is one of the daily activity that can't develop our mind. Instead, playing brain challenging games, mingling with different types of people and programmes and reading can do that.

To be a better learner who appreciate the blessing of the time, we must keep improving ourselves in doing the daily activities and to change to the better point of view and dealing towards something. Perhaps you have any other idea?


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