Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Refreshing the associating machine of brain

Always keep refreshing our mind with Islamic guidance so that our life will be lead in the true way.Tajarrud.


Praise to Allah as He still gives us the air, the atmosphere to breathe.

Verily, if we count Allah's pleasures and gifts to us, of course we fail to do so.

For this post, I would like to write it in English language as before this I have plan and prefer to write in this blog for several causes.

There are :

1. To convey and spread whatever knowledge and information I get outside of my home and meanwhile, I can't rather stopping it from writing in this blog.It also depend on my habits.

2. To improve and strengthen my English usage and vocabulary.As we all know, in this sophisticated and urbanisation world nowadays, it demands us critically to strengthen our English.I'm attracted to a tip I get while surfing just now.The article said that one of the way to improve our English is not by spending for a long time in a week once only.Paradoxically, we must take time everyday to improve our English though it's only a short time.

3. To share memorable experiences and other interesting stuff.

And seriously for this period of time (which I'm still in studying process in blogging, writing, getting valuable experiences, and getting unforgettable and new knowledge in the new world), I would not link and promote these recent posts to any web as I do before.

So, only who astrays here while blogwalking and my friends who have my link and decided to visit will read this post and other post after this.

Busy in academic and erratic in habits are some of the causes to update this blog rarely.

Actually, for this post I didn't want to discuss and write about any specific title.

I just want to response to nowadays issues for those who accidentally read this entry and for my personal archives.

UMNO annual grand assembly had just finished and many people still talking about it.We can see how greed and unjustice of the party in controlling and monopolizing media to convey their doctrines to win in this 13th general election.

Video of one of PAS' member has spread widely in youtube and news in government's tvs.At this cicumstance we must know that not all members in a party are perfect.We didn't judge a party by it's member only but we judge it by what they bring to all mankind.

This Friday, there is a class in baitul qurra', Sungai Udang, Melaka.I grab this chance to have an experience studying in 'pondok' which is very famous and popular being spoken in my college.

Lastly, we must remember and always remind ourselve to judge any issues happening in our place by referring to our true guidances.

Remember that think in a moment is better than praying for a long years.

Barakallahu fina.

Thanks for reading...=)

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