Friday, 4 November 2011

Let's fast for Hari Arafah

In the name of Allah and His observation to all works that we do.

As usual,for a long time knowledge accumulated in the mind lake,insyaAllah I'll put some of them and actually most of what I acquired in my college through this court of dakwah.My attraction for this post is more to write roughly maybe which require miscellaneous topic starting from the smallest things in Islam until the biggest aspect portrayed by what our prophet do.So,I'll write in in the number-point form.

1.   Experience in hearing talk from the PAS' youths is a quite interesting thing!Although my friends and I only managed to hear and join half of the Ijtima' Tarbawi which constructed in KUISZM (If I'm not mistaken the short form of Taman Melewar's college).Anyway,I had the opportunity to hear talks from the leader of PAS' Youth;Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi,its vice leader;Nik Abduh Nik Aziz,Ustaz Idris Ahmad who is the leader of Lajnah Tarbiyyah and talaqqi surah As-soff with Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi.The youth's wave and strength are being nurtured there and for those who go there will feel 'aura pemuda' who will design our country future later.Just wait,pray and see...

2.   Having a holiday for a week is an interesting thing for an adolescent like me when it's look from one side.But the other side which presenting the contradict one is always there.Exam for sem 2 persijilan is just on time that persijilan's students go back to DQ in Sunday.So,cannot be denied that for those who didn't 'masyi' including me must go early for a several day so that the 'hafalan' can be refreshed again and again.

3.   Talking about tarbiyyah which is a very dominant aspect in every Islamic striver,we must remember the first thing that tarbiyyah has many branches.Ruhiyah, Jasadiyah, Thaqofiah, Ibadah, Maliah and many others that you can list them.What are going to be highlighted now is all of the tarbiyyah's types must be equally practised and implemented.This is significant as in a campus of huffaz itself,they have the problem of inequality or imbalance of tarbiyyah in themself and the interesting thing is most of them didn't notice it!A bit sad =(...(also refer to me).Actually the point is although in a place where all students memorize Quran there must be some cons and dark side.The dark side in DQ is actually most of them lack of tarbiyyah ruhiyah which is portrayed clearly through their adab.Go late to tasmi' class,messaging in tasmi' class (remembering myself too),not have the 'ihtirom murabbi' value,and others.

4.   Tomorrow is Arafah Day.Fasting is enhanced and it's a sunnah.There is a hadis from Qatadah told by Imam Muslim which say,"The fasting will destroy the one year sin before and after".So,let's take this special bonanza opportunity which only occur once in a year.At least,tonight let's 'nawaitu' first and tomorrow we will try towards it.


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