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Atheis,Christianity,Buddhism and Hinduism.

In the name of Allah,for the sake of Allah,hand is dancing on the keyboard to start write again.

First of all,I would like to share with you maybe a little about comparative religion.But before that,what would we spontaneously answer if an atheis come to us and ask us about God.He said that God is absence and if it's present where is He?Perhaps you all have your own answer.Maybe you can reply to them by slapping on their face and then tell them that your slap doesn't cause any hurt as hurt or pain cannot be looked.Ok.Other answers,you may reply to them by using scientifically evidences or logically evidences but not using the Quran and Sunnah evidence.Probably you may be slapped by them.Logically,how and when the first thing is being created?An atom for example.Who created the atom?By chance?Oh...impossible!There must be a creator.And when we look to the universe,the earth,sky,forests,sea etcetera we will notice the beautiful and astonish design and the question is who design them?Of course the must be a designer!And it same goes to this bare earth.The must be a creator.Just tell them so or you have more interesting and firm answer.

Back to the topic.When we talk about other religion we must study the scriptures of other religion.It's seriously important.Maybe most of us are frighten to investigate or maybe some of us are afraid to study other religions' scriptures.Maybe some of us will shrivel when touching the Bible or Hindu scriptures.That's the problem!If we really really firm and convince in our religion,in Quran,we will never scare to do research about other religion.Ok.Let's look briefly through Bible for instance.Bible has to version.The New Tastement and the Old Testament.There are chapters such as Genesis,Mike,Luke,John etc.In Christianity beliefs,they hold the trinity belief.Christians trust the God,Son of God and the Holy Spirit.But when we ask them how many God that they believe they will say one.How can one pus one plus one equal to one??That's the question.

Roughly,Hinduism also trust many God.There is Trimurthi(Brahma,Vishnu and Siva),Ganesha(the elephant head one),Krishna(the God who has steal during child),Muruga(that's in Batu Caves),Radha Krishna(lovers) etc.Trimurthi concept for instance.How could the one who generate creation (Brahma) didn't protect and sustain its creation?Otherwise,he give the operator jobscope to Vishnu and destroyer work to Siva.Is that presence a big quarrel and dispution if one say he want to protect and one say he want to destroy the creation.Makes sense?

Buddhism also has an interesting history.There are Siddarta Gautama,Taoism,Confucianism,Omi tuo(God of Tao),Kuan Ying(those who trust him,didn't eat beef),Tua Peck Yong(the one who is God of Protector and it's a fact story that occur in Penang that Peck Yong disappear!),Kwan Yong(which police and gangster worship it),Datuk Kong(has mostauche),Chai Xen(Prosperity God using one day before Chinese New Year),Cap Goh Mei,Hungry Ghost,Tea ceremony,mooncake festival etc.The most interesting thing in Chinese Beliefs is about the funeral.They trust that when one of them meet death,all of the thing associate with the death person must be burnt including handphone charger!Unless the corpse will suffer in the grave.There is one story about Ah meng,who died once upon time.One night,his mother receive a call phone from him and they talk for a particular time.

All of a sudden,Ah Meng said to his mother, "we have only a few minutes to talk".

His mother reply,"why???".

Ah Meng said,"my phone battery is getting lower and I didn't bring my charger phone as you didn't burn it during my funeral..."

Uh...,What a belief is this.Very funny and you all know,the most polite and benevolent ghost is the Chinese ghost!If we notice,Chinese's ghost didn't run to catch humans instead of Malay's ghost who will not give any chance to humans for run and escape.Malay's ghost will disappear in front of human in a sudden.Hahaha.Just joking.

In a nutshell,we must do research about all religion so that when non-muslims ask us question about our religion,it's easy for us to defence and attack again by conveying the message or signs with wisdom,so that they will think twice about their beliefs.Remember,the most vital thing is the way we spread and convey the messages.We must convey through the way they understand Islam,not the way we comprehend Islam.

Last but not least,I want to left you all with a question.

1) In your opinion,what is the main factor that non-muslims did not accept Islam?Response please...~

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Post postscript : Credit to Bro Shah Kirit,student of Prof Zakir Naik.
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